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About my life 🏝

I was born in Rio Grande and moved to Florianópolis still pretty early on my childhood, so I didn't proper experienced the "Gaucho" culture.

⁠I've lived in Florianópolis for 15 years and fell in love with the stunning beaches and diverse weather, where it's really hot during summer and when it comes to winter, it's so cold that makes you lazy to wake up early in the morning.

⁠I've always wanted to live abroad, in order to have more opportunities to travel around the world and learn new languages. With that goal in mind, I relocated to Amsterdam in 2021, in order to work as a Software Developer.

Amsterdam 2020 - Present
Rio Grande
Rio Grande2002 - 2008
Florianópolis2008 - 2020

Hobbies 🎶🎮

Since I was a child, I love expressing my feelings with music. Initially, I wanted to play guitar or drums, but my father convinced me to start learning violin and so I fell in love with the instrument 🎻

My brother and I spent the majority of our childhood playing games together and competing with each other (Grand Chase, Perfect World, Ragnarok)

⁠Due to my gaming hobbies, I started to play Minecraft when it went viral during 2011-2012 and even created a Youtube Channel where I posted gameplays, this made me start to like content creation, editing videos on Sony Vegas, After Effects, researching about recording gear, etc

Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok OnlineGame Screenshot

Programming Journey 💻

If I was to summarise why I started to learn programming, I would point a single thing: I saw in technology, an opportunity to have better financial conditions & to move abroad due to my work achievements.

When I was finishing High School, Florianópolis started to be called as "Brazilian Silicon Valley" - my city was turning into a huge tech hub and I saw a great opportunity to start researching about the field.

Instead of studying to join universities, I started to use my free time to practice programming fundamentals, mainly with Python which was the language that I found a lot of free tutorials.

After high school, I already had a good programming basis and decided to start a technical degree in Analysis and System Development. I started to apply for internships even when I was in the first semester of college, which lead to one rejection after another but that pushed me to start building projects and studying more things besides the course curriculum.

From my first job as a Junior Developer to where I am now, I've struggled to find a good learning mechanism that I could consistently apply throughout the years since our field is always changing with new technologies, patterns, hypes, etc

⁠Nowadays, I have a workflow that defines my journey in programming: Learn -> Create -> Teach

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